Monday, February 4, 2008

Stop Suicides-sign and RePost

I Love You and Miss You So Much, my baby brother!!!!
~the paxil protest
~the effexor petition
~petition for a grand jury to investigate eli lilly for suppressing info re: suicidial ideation w/ prozac
~stop teenscreens unscientific & experimental screen of American school children
~abolish suicide causing "antidepressants"

From: Dellianan of the Sea
Date: Jan 29, 2008 3:21 PM

...Please Sign and RePost!
My Dear Brother Danny Roy Beard passed 27th July. He was prescribed what is commonly called "Black Box Warning" SSRI -"antidepressant" drug(s), that have been proven to cause hundreds of thousands of people to either turn to suicide, or live on the brink of it. The FDA has issued these "Black Box Warnings", and there are countless families losing loved ones because many Dr.'s ignore the facts and push the pills and the people through the conveyor belt. When they should be taking the time to make sure every individual is treated with the utmost care and individual well being.
My Dear Brother is the second person I have lost in the last 6 and a half yrs. due to the pharmeceutical industries and Dr.s Not doing whatever it takes to prevent Death to their "patients"- the other being our Dear Andrew Patrick Johnson, our bass player and beloved friend, who was overdosed by his Dr.'s on his pain medications.
I am currently networking to find ways that we can make sure that this NEVER happens to another family again!!! So, if anyone out there has any helpful tips, much appreciated.
In the mean time, here are a few petitions I found this a.m.
I must say that it is So sad and discusting that they apparently Do Not care about the lives, and families they are putting at risk. Not to mention the years of deaths and cover ups, fake trial and jury's etc. etc. they have been involved with.
To loose someone close to you to Death is hard.
To loose someone to suicide is one of the most horrible nightmares you could never fully understand unless you have....

If you know of anybody who is taking anti depressants or pain pills, please ask them to look at the facts online, how many people have died.