Friday, February 8, 2008

Rainbow Lorikeets-photo, Victoria, Australia

Love Is....Togetherness and Tenderness!
What a sweet moment! This is the couple of beautiful wild and free rainbow lorikeets that I am occasionally privileged to see - and what a thrill it is when we connect together here!

It is a joy to see nature wild and free, only 30 minutes from the heart of Australia's second biggest city, Melbourne, Victoria - home to about 4 million people.

Warrandyte is my regular haunt - to enjoy the great outdoors.

These beautiful rainbow lorikeets, as featured in previous photos are very friendly birds that are wild and free! Most parrots in the bush are quite wary of people, and do not allow a close approach.
They are generally very friendly and allow me to get quite close. It is such a pleasure and a thrill!

Pound Bend, Warrandyte State Park, Victoria, Australia