Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Today's Action-Submit a Green Site to snarfed

Frankly, the snarfd staff pretty much lives on the Internets.

These weary eyes, they’ve seen a lot. But they don’t see everything, which is why we do a little happy dance whenever somebody suggests a quality link worth snarfing.

We’re looking for the strange, beautiful, and cool stuff you might forward to friends. Step right up and share with the whole class.

Submissions go here: tips@snarfd.com. But before you hit Send, here are a few things which are likely to make your link submission more successful:

  • Put the term [snarfage] in your subject header. This lets us know you’re human and paying attention.
  • We’re looking for specific articles or content. Please supply a complete URL.
  • Tell us why you think the link is worthy to be snarfd. We generally won’t click on something unless we know where we’re going.
  • If the link is from your site, say so. Self-promotion is fine, so long as you’re submitting something good. This is how we meet people.
  • Submit links from a real email address, in case we have follow-up questions. Your addy is safe with us.
  • Our spam filters are hungry little creatures. Submit only one link per email, watch for spammy wording, and we’ll be more likely to see what you send.

Don’t use scripts or auto-notifiers. We want to hear from you, not a bot. Offenders will be blackballed. We’ll also tell your mom.

Thanks for reading and submitting. Now go get snarfd.

–The snarfd Editorial Staff