Monday, February 4, 2008

Earth Friendly Resources

The Alternative Consumer
  • The Alternative Consumer provides product reviews, green news and info to the next wave of smart consumers - fresh thinkers who consciously style their lives with their health and the health of the Earth in the forefront of their mind; chic, savvy shoppers who integrate “green” into their everyday buying decisions.
  • Mother Earthbeats
    My blog concerns my Love for Mother Earth and all her creatures. Nature and the health of our environment are issues I am passionate about. Creating awareness of all the beauty and gifts this planet has to offer humans is a serious goal of mine.
  • A Wolf Adventure
    The chronicles of one wild ride living with wolves. This site takes you on a journey of the senses spiritually, physically and emotionally. Based in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada, A Wolf Adventure is not only a licensed wolf outreach, but eco center to teach the youth of our times the importance of dwindling habitat.
  • Haleys Green Planet
    Free Resource for Living Green with lots of Freebies. Focus on the Beauty of the Planet we are working to save.
  • Protecting Our Environment
    Protecting our wildlife, water, energy, land, resources, and planet.
  • Off Grid Living
    Latest news and information for living off the grid with renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind and geothermal.
  • Blog Minded :: Globally Minded
    Our Globally Minded Blog covers many issues: green living, social entrepreneurship, fair trade, socially responsible business decisions, volunteering and passionate living. Let’s live other-centric lives together!