Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Garden of Eden-Foja Mountains,Indonesia-photos

The smoky honeyeater is the first new bird species to be discovered on the island of New Guinea since 1939.

Scientists discovered the bird on a recent expedition to the Foja Mountains of Indonesia, on the island of New Guinea.

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Garden of Eden

The Foja Mountains of Indonesia are one of the few places on Earth still untouched by man. A group of scientists made their first expedition there in 2005 and discovered dozens of new animal and plant species. Correspondent Bob Simon traveled back into the area with Conservation International scientist Bruce Beehler and came away with a remarkable look at a modern day Garden of Eden.


  • The entire Foja Mountain range encompasses nearly 2.5 million acres.
  • On his first visit in 2005, Bruce Beehler found more than 40 species of plants and animals new to science.
  • The scientists identified more than 20 new species of frogs, including one approximately a half an inch long!
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