Monday, February 4, 2008

Free Desktop Wallpaper-Space Photos

six space wallpaper galleries:

  • Nebulae Wallpaper: Here you will find space wallpaper featuring both diffuse and planetary nebulae. Hubble wallpapers abound - The Orion Nebula wallpaper is a definite must have!
  • Planet Wallpaper: This gallery contains space wallpapers of the planets in our solar system including their sattelites (moons). So if you're looking for Mars or any other planet, you'll be able to find it here.
  • Galaxy Wallpaper: This gallery is the home of our galaxy wallpapers, we've got quite a few galaxies for you to browse through.
  • Other wallpaper: This gallery is were all the space wallpapers go that don't fit into the other wallpaper galleries. This includes wallpaper of Shuttle Launches, Comets, The International Space Station (ISS), Stars and Astronauts.
  • Apollo Wallpaper: This gallery is were you'll find wallpapers from the Apollo missions. This includes wallpapers of the lunar surface, astronauts working on the moon and the spectacular "Earth Rise" wallpaper.
  • Space Art Wallpaper: This gallery contains computer generated space wallpapers and illustrations created by spacescape artists.