Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How much do you know about whales?

Even though whales have captured the human imagination for centuries, we know remarkably little about these magnificent creatures. And despite efforts to protect whales, they continue to be threatened by whaling, pollution, ocean noise and entanglement by fishing gear.
In order to protect whales from the threats they face we must learn everything we can about where and how they live.
How much do you already know about whales?
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IFAW’s state-of-the-art education and research vessel, the Song of the Whale, travels the world’s ocean to conduct safe, non-invasive studies on whales and other cetaceans such as dolphins and porpoises. The boat’s mission is to help improve the understanding of whales and generate public and political support for their protection.
We still have a lot to learn about whales. For most species we don’t know simple things like how many there are, how they find their food or where they go to give birth.
With your help, IFAW is leading the fight to save these magnificent animals
One of IFAW’s greatest victories for whales was won in Baja California – where we saved one of the last pristine Gray whale nurseries from destruction in a campaign that won worldwide acclaim.And now we are expanding our efforts to embrace critically endangered Right whales, Western Pacific Gray whales, endangered species in the Caribbean and many other whales worldwide.IFAW-funded scientists and campaigners work to maintain existing ocean sanctuaries and promote new ones, support communities to develop responsible whale-watching programs as well as increase public awareness about whales around the world.
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I look forward to sharing more of our whale work with you in the future.
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