Greenstock LLC seeks to develop biodiesel feedstocks within California for California Biodiesel Producers. We promote a sustainable biodiesel industry that sources multiple feedstocks from within each producers local area (within 100 miles). We encourage new producers to install multi-feedstock processors so that they have the flexibility and agility to use the cheapest feedstock available at any time.

Starting in Nov 2007, Greenstock will be collecting waste fryer oil in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties to supply local biodiesel producers. Click on the Greenstock link to see what services we provide.

Kari Lemons was the Outreach Director of the Biodiesel Council of California from Nov 2005-June 2007. She has big picture knowledge of what’s happening in the state concerning all the stakeholders. Her focus for the last year has been feedstock development. She was guest speaker to the Central Valley Clean Cities, a speaker to the 2007 Eco-Farm Conference and gave a presentation to the faculty of Carnegie Mellon West . She is available to speak on at future events.

Consulting Services provided:

  • In depth feedstock research within a producers local 100 mile radius. We will leave no source for waste grease, waste oils, animal fats, or virgin oils unturned..
  • Start-up research for new producers entering the California Market.
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