Monday, February 4, 2008

Banana Warehouse Released! Free Game Widget

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Shareware - Mac - Soon!
Shareware - PC - Soon!

The Apple Dashboard widget version features only a basic introductory level from the game. Buy the Mac or PC shareware version for under $10 to experience the whole banana! Banana Warehouse Released!
The two bananas who inhabit this little part of the web are thrilled to have completed our latest widget called Banana Warehouse! You're going to love this one! The goal is to move all of the yellow crates of bananas into the yellow area of the warehouse, and all the green crates of bananas to the green area using a forklift within the time limit (a generous 75 seconds we might add). Be careful not to block yourself in wheeling the crates around, but if you do, the spacebar will reset everything back to their original position ... except the timer!

Did you know that Banana warehouse is being developed into our first full shareware game for Mac and PC? You can learn more on our new Games page by clicking here. And if you want to know when we release the under $10 shareware version of Banana Warehouse you can subscribe to our brand new announcement list by clicking here!