Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Bittersweet Reflections-photos

photos by William Thomas : Thanks giving at my sisters,
our family in Florida.

Thanksgiving 2008 kicked off a Christmas season
of suffering for many,nationwide. 2008 shook our faith
with scary high gas and food prices. Millions were homeless,
jobless and hopeless. Many now face a bleak Christmas,
wondering how to cope with not being able to afford a nice
Christmas for the children. In spite of what we have been through as
a nation, I found happiness on Thanksgiving. I joined my family
at my sisters home for the first time in years. My sister is worried
about not being able to provide Christmas presents to her children...
my parents are faced with tough economic choices...
how to even cover basic needs...
no money for brother is facing a very tough Christmas...
I, however, am in heaven just to be with them. The children we all hope
will enjoy Christmas played gleefully outside. My wife and I will do
what we can to make Christmas a little more cheerful for
our family. With a little more creativity, togetherness and a little less
emphasis on the material, American families will rise above the troubles
of 2008 and find new ways to enjoy Christmas. Many new family traditions
arise from tough times. Please post your Christmas tips here in comments!

William Thomas