Friday, November 7, 2008

No Puppy Mills- Obama will adopt a dog for the girls

After announcing they planned to buy a dog as a reward for their daughters being such good sports about the grueling campaign, animal rights and animal welfare groups started campaigns of their own — for the Obamas to adopt a shelter dog and not buy a dog from a breeder.

PETA's president sent them a letter. Best Friends Animal Society launched a petition drive on the Web site that collected 50,000 signatures in just two weeks. The Humane Society of the United States made an appeal.

Then the news broke on "Entertainment Tonight" a little over a month ago: Michelle Obama announced the family would, indeed, adopt a rescue dog.

What breed? Probably a Poodle!
The Poodle dog breed was originally bred to hunt birds, and today still tends to be fairly athletic and agile. Poodles can also be hard-working, and are used by French customs in inspections. But the Poodle breed also tends to be playful, which sometimes takes away a bit from their competitive spirit in sports. With their families, Poodles tend to be loyal, sometimes to the point of possessiveness.