Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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Natural Beauty

Why does Washington State have such incredibly diverse scenery? One major reason is the Cascade Range, which runs the entire length of the state—from Washington’s border with British Columbia, Canada to the Columbia River Gorge—and encompasses two of Washington’s spectacularly beautiful national parks (North Cascades National Park and Mount Rainier National Park).

The Cascade Range bisects the state into two distinct climates and environments. Western Washington is lush and green year-round and is part of the coastal North American temperate rainforest that spans northern California to southern Alaska. East of the Cascade Range, the climate is more arid. Here, the Wenatchee River gives life to eastern Washington State’s orchard country; but you’ll also find dramatic desert landscapes of sage and bunchgrass, beautiful Ponderosa pine forests and the hypnotic sight of rolling hills covered in waving wheat fields.

These distinct Washington environments have one great thing in common: an abundance of natural beauty that makes you look forward to every turn in the road. Explore Washington Natural Beauty.