Friday, January 25, 2008

Simple Tips On How To Live Green by Geoff White

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Geoff White has been investigating how to live a greener life but still have a life. He says that it is possible to do this by carrying out a series of simple changes to your lifestyle that will barely impact it at all but will have a beneficial impact on the environment.
His tips include:
- Re-using your carrier bags when you visit the grocery store. Most plastic carrier bags are good for several journeys but only get used once.
- Replacing blown light bulbs with energy saving ones. He says the extra cost will be repaid with lower energy bills and longer bulb life.
- Turning off your computer’s monitor rather than just reducing the energy it consumes when you’re away from your PC by letting it go to standby.
Geoff has come up with 12 simple tips on how to live green that won’t take much effort but will help you to help save our planet.
There are also cost cutting tips that will help you live green and save money on Geoff’s site at

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