Friday, January 25, 2008

Free Desktop Wallpaper-Space Pictures

Space Pictures-Free Desktop Wallpaper-NASA

Lunar Earthrise - our blue planet Earth rising like a big blue moon in the distance over the moon, seen from the Apollo 8 spacecraft at it circled the moon in 1968. Picture by NASA, 1024x768

Ready for 1st flight - space shuttle Columbia on the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center at the night before the 1st space shuttle flight in 1981. Picture by NASA, 1024x768

Spacewalk - an astronaut floating free in space, high above the blue Earth below. Picture by NASA, 1024x768

Deep space eye 1 - this beautiful eye-shaped red blue and orange form is a Helix Nebula far away, hundreds of light years from Earth. Picture by NASA, 1024x768

Lunar landscape - astronaut Harrison Schmitt of Apollo 17 and his lunar vehicle over a typical lunar landscape. Picture by NASA, 1024x768

Mars landscape 1 - the martian surface as seen from the Viking 2 spacecraft in 1976. Picture by NASA, 1024x768

Skylab - the 1970s Skylab spacecraft in orbit around Earth, high above the big blue ocean and clouds below. Picture by NASA, 1024x768

Rendezvous in orbit - just meters away, a Russian Soyuz spacecraft approaches the docking point of the International Space Station. Over 200 miles below, two lakes are reflecting the sun's light. Picture by NASA, 1024x768

Rendezvous 2 - a Progress supply spacecraft approaches the International Space Station as the two pass over 200 miles above cloud-covered central Asia. Picture by NASA, 1024x768

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