Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When Second Hand Gifts Are Ok-Top Ten Second Hand Gifts

Question: Is it ever OK to give second hand gifts?
The Answer is YES!!!!!

I have noticed that my grand kids LOVE
the second hand gifts that I give them.
..I buy "refurbished" games like Wii, XBox, Playstation 2.. pawn shops or Game Shops (EB Games,
that sell "refurbished", I just got a gamecube for $24

The Kids aren't the only ones who appreciate second hand gifts!

The Top Ten Secondhand Gifts

Nintendo Wii
Digital Camera
HD TV or Large Flatscreen TV
Computer-HP Pavilion DV9727CL Laptop (Refurbished)
Apple iPod 40 GB MP3 Player (Refurbished)
Philips PET702 7-inch Portable DVD Player (Refurbished)
Yamaha HTR6040-RB Home Theater Receiver (Refurbished)
Kodak EasyShare C713 7.3MP Digital Camera Kit (Refurbished)

I have included a few links to Overstock which is one of many places to find
refurbished gift items! Also try EBay and search Google for "refurbished"

For my 4 grandchildren in Florida, I bought a Refurbished Wii
(at my local GameCrazy) with a couple of used games and
an extra refurbished controller.
The 4 of them will have to share the one present but they are all
very excited about the Wii!

You can do a lot more for your family this way and they will love you for it!