Saturday, December 6, 2008

Caring Cars,Car Donations - Alabama

Family Services Center's Caring Cars program provides cars to lower income families for job transportation. This program is for families who cannot afford to buy a serviceable car or cannot qualify for a traditional car loan. Each family receiving a car will be charged a small down payment and small monthly payments at 0% interest to cover program costs. All cars will be priced at significantly below market value. Approval is based on need (low income & no access to any vehicle), credit history, and application receipt date. Preference will be given to applicants with an active case (regular caseworker meetings) with a local human services agency (referral letter required).

Eligibility Requirements

Please call 551-1610 if you would like to apply for a car. Please do not apply if you do not meet all of the following eligibility requirements:

1. Do not have a car in your household that runs

2. At least 19 years old

3. Currently employed and have been working full-time (average at least 30 hours/week) for last 6 months (months may be reduced by written outside caseworker request)

4. Have child living with you at home, aged 17 or younger

5. Unable to qualify for traditional auto loan anywhere else

6. Permanent legal resident of Huntsville or Madison County

7. Valid Drivers License

8. Willing to participate in local RideShare program (RideShare is a computerized service operated by the City of Huntsville for working commuters. The service links commuters with potential carpooling companions.)

9. Able to purchase state required minimum automobile liability insurance

10. NO DUIs or vehicle-related felony convictions in the past three years
(also applies to your spouse, if he/she is living in your house)

11. Annual gross household income under 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines