Friday, August 28, 2009 Adds YouTube Videos - Yea for the DJs, How to Network and DJ at YouTube

Social music site added YouTube videos to its music feed today, allowing users to turn its “Twitter for music” service into a social video playlisting site. The free service, which allows users to listen to songs and share them in playlists that resemble Twitter’s interface, now includes a window for watching videos as the songs play. It’s a sort of on-demand, social MTV — at least one that’s reminiscent of the era when MTV actually played music videos.

The move also beefs up’s audio content offering for U.S. users, although recent changes to its content library have left some international users with fewer songs from which to choose. recently began sourcing songs via Imeem but eliminated content from MP3 search engine Skreemr, which scraped the web for songs wherever they were lying around. While that’s generally a boon to U.S. users, many international listeners have reported that their full songs have been replaced by frustrating 30-second clips.
What does this mean for US, the Dj's?
Now you have access to full length, beautiful versions of the songs you blip! But you won't find them all searching on Blip: try searching from YouTube and then carefully copy entire youtube title into blip search.
Sign in to YouTube with your Google account and use the PLAYLISTS feature on your profile to collect and sort your Blip Playlist at YouTube.
Still don't get it? Two ways to add your Blip playlist to YouTube:
1. Set up your YouTube profile page and log in. In a seperate window open Blip.
When you see a song with a video you like AT BLIP click the youtube logo in the lower right hand corner of the video. This will take you to homepage of the video at YouTube. Underneath the video you will be able to add it to YOUR YouTube PAGE.
Choose Favorites and or choose playlists and create one on the spot such as SOUL Music or Love Songs....You can then add others to the catagory!
2. Search YouTube for your Blip songs and add them to your YT profile page.
These pages can be customized and I LOVE Mine
see what you can do MINE
Networking at YouTube
You don't have to upload videos at YT to network...Blip DJs are going to dominate YouTube just as they have taken Twitter by Storm!
When you find a song/video you like click the subscribe button and let the person know you have added the video to your playlist in comments.