Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to Buy a Home Online for Under 5 Thousand Dollars

Buying a home online is an option for those who need a home.
You can buy at auction online!

Look for these at auction:

*Bidding on the down payment only-many sellers with finance with
no credit check (just win the bid on the down payment...
move in and start making payments. Interest as low as 3%

*Bidding on FULL PURCHASE PRICE!! Your bid is for the Full Purchase
Price of this property. (no credit check, no payments!)

*Absolute Auction -No Reserve-No Minimum -these homes will sell for
lowest bid and start at 1$. (check to see if Taxes are owed,
also what is the yearly tax bill)

Watch for Absolute/No Reserve real estate CLICK HERE

Here are a few auctions I watch:




There are many auctions so do your research and find the best home for you!


*You don't need a Real Estate Agent. The Title Company or Lawyer
that handles the closing will provide the deed (included in closing costs or
document fees) and Title Insurance (around $170)

*Read the auction terms to determine required closing costs. (30. - 1500.)

* Is the property free of liens? (ask the seller and call the County)

* Are taxes up to date?

* How much are yearly taxes?

This is a way to own a home in this tough economy.
I am buying this way and would love to hear your experiences,
tips and ideas. William Thomas